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Our company takes your personal privacy seriously. This policy explains what personal information we gather and how it's used by us.

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Managing Your Personal Privacy

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Who Are We?

As the online world is filled with internet vendors pretty much all trying to boast of being the very best, so why would you want to buy goods by using this site?

If price is an issue, then that's a pretty decent justification for a start. We are cheap - look at the prices listed and you should observe the benefit.

If you're worried about internet security, then that might be your next strong reason. Order through our site and you are utilising Paypal, and it doesn't get a great deal safer than that.

And then you have variety. We are not simply a standard retail store, we work with eBay to offer you a gigantic choice of goods.

As a final point, don't forget service. We promise to give you exemplary service each time you require it.

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